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Special #1
Full body scrub to cleanse, refresh, & steam
Followed by a classic pedicure
Value Ksh 6000
Now Ksh 4500


Special #2
60 Deep tissue  full body massage
15 minutes scalp massage to stimulate blood  circulation
Value Ksh 5000
Now Ksh 4000


Special # 3
Full body mask to hydrate and moisturize
Followed by  an aromatherapy 60 minute massage, steam included.
Value Ksh 8000
Now Ksh 7000


Couples Special
Steam to help relax the muscles, spend time in the jacuzzi  
Followed by a 60 minute massage
Value Ksh 13000
Now Ksh 11000


Spa Special
Full body exfoliation scrub & steam
Full body massage (holistic)
Our new 30 minute flash Academie facial
Value Ksh 11000
Now Ksh 10000